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New DIMEX Gateway for C-arm solutions
August 2014
New DIMEX Gateway for C-arm solutions. DIMEX Surg was introduced onto the market as part of our activities in the OP communication.

Wanted: Business Partners

SST is expanding internationally. We therefore are looking for partners representing our products and services.

If you are interested to represent our product range in your area, please let us know and let us discuss the possibilities.

eMail: info@sstmed.com
Tel.: +49 (0) 9872 2002

SST Displays
July 2014
As part of a cooperation project with the company Jusha The SST Group gained a new member. From now on, SST Displays will distribute Medical monitors from Jusha. There will be a warehouse in Germany which will keep the delivery period short.

You can rent us !!

SST is offering all its products and solutions on a rental basis. Should you or your customer have problems rounding up the investment necessary for an SST solution, please contact us, we can help in most cases to provide a „investment free“ start.

Please request more Information under:

eMail: info@sstmed.com
Tel.: +49 (0) 9872 2002
Project HAWK
June 2014
Project HAWK is very well received in the market. The strategic department for development released HAWK 2.3 and introduced it to sundry interested customers. The market response to particularly the launch of RF IDs in the Asset management is considered as very interesting.

May 2014
TAURUS takes the first images. The DR Factory development department announces the first images taken by the new program TAURUS DR. According to reference customers the attained quality of the images taken in the laboratory is astonishing. If it is possible to put those results into practise without noticeable restrictions, it will be a huge step towards standardised DR solutions for veterinary medicine.

August 2013
IFESTOS is celebrating its success and will be deployed for remote services in Turkmenistan and Russia.

New prototypes for the osteodensitometry
July 2013
We gladly announce the successful implementation of our new prototypes for the osteodensitometry and we are happy about the positive feedbacks from the clinical practise. Comprehensive installations are being scheduled for the 4th quarter this year.

Perth, Australia
June 2013
The SST Group has established a new service base in Perth, Australia. We are looking forward to providing even better services to our customers in west Australia and Asia.

May 2013
SST is celebrating the first implementation of our revolutionary remote service tool -IFESTOS- in Peru. IFESTOS allows to maintain faraway facilities through a new, advanced technology - economic, mobile and absolutely flexible. Further orders from Russia and West Africa have already been submitted.

Preparation for RSNA
April 2013
The preparations for this years RSNA are ongoing. The SST Group has been attendant for many years now and we are looking forward to presenting our products to the international audience and establishing new contacts with other merchants again this year.

ECR 2013
March 2013

This year again we were present at the annual ECR and exhibited our latest developments for flatpanel detectors with our partner company ATLAIM.

Furthermore, we are pleased to present our new diagnostic monitors which not only have an extraordinary image quality but also an outstanding built price/service ratio.

February 2013
Our new remote service concept IFESTOS is now in the prototype phase and has already been successfully tested with remote service operations in Mallorca. We expect it to be launched this summer. IFESTOS will set new standards in the remote maintenance field.

Preparation for ECR 2013
December 2012

The SST Group celebrates a very successful business year 2012. The preparations for the ECR 2013 in Vienna are operating at full stretch. We especially look forward to the presentation of the new 43x43 wireless panel.

RSNA 2012
November / December 2012
The SST Group will be attending again this year the RSNA in Chicago. We are looking forward to present our products to the international audience and to establish new contacts with other merchants.

Pollux / Pluto
September 2012
The SST Group sets new standards in the veterinary market thanks to the innovative radiologic all-in-one solution Pollux / Pluto. The product is tailored to individual customer requirements and stands out because of the excellent image quality and an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.

SST on Roadshow Alsace and the Normandy
June 2012
Roadshow Alsace and the Normandy
Due to many enquiries about SST and DR-Factory products from the French market and after the great success of our Roadshow through France in January 2011, in June 2012 the SST-Group launched another tour through Alsace and the Normandy, where we presented our innovative products for the med as well as the vet market.

The feedback was overwhelming. Especially the extraordinary image quality and the modular design of the products lead to great excitement.

New Member in the SST-Group: Roentgenwerk Petersaurach
May 2012
Roentgenwerk Petersaurach
Röntgenwerk Petersaurach (RWP) has been registered as not only the youngest member in the SST Group, but also as the competence center for x-ray related subjects.

RWP will have its own WEB Shop and sales network, as initially the focus will be to supply „everything X-Ray hardware“ to other SST ventures.

125th Installation of a DR-Factory Flat Panel Detector
April 2012
125th Installation
SST celebrates the 125th installation of a DR-Factory Flat Panel Detector at a customer site. The planned bonfire fell victim to bad weather, but everybody had a good time at the party.

Large VET Hospital as new Reference Site in Scandinavia
April 2012
SST installed a large VET hospital as reference site for the Scandinavian market. The installation near Stockholm will be used in the future to show and demonstrate the functionality and extraordinary image quality of the new VET product line.

New Office in the Australian Market
March 2012
In order to serve our growing customer base in Australia from a local office, SST has decided to start its own entity in Brisbane, Australia. The new SST office opened in March 2012.

The new remote service center in Brisbane will further improve service response times for our customers in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
ECR 2012 in Vienna
March 2012
ECR Vienna 2012
The ECR show in Vienna, where SST was showing together with DR-Factory, has been a great success. Especially further technical improvements in the DR-Panel and new developments in a variety of SST software products attracted a large number of visitors to the SST booth.

New features such as a cassette size DR-panel or DR based densitometry produced great interest.
Federal Congress of Surgery 2012 in Nuremberg
March 2012
Bundeskongress Chirurgie 2012
The Federal Congress of Surgery in Nuremberg took part at the same time as the ECR. The SST GmbH was present and featured the conversion of the CR imaging plate to the DR-Factory DR Flatpanel Detector System and also the possibilities for bone density measurement. Many physicians were very enthusiastic about the superior image quality of the system and the osteodensitometry function.

Helios: Enhanced Image Quality at Lower Dose
January 2012
The introduction of the Helios product line has been received with enormous interest in the market.

Helios allows for optimized display of x-ray images, which can lead to reduced dose requirement for standard examinations.

Some of the many configurations possible were showing remarkable results after only a few weeks of market exposure. Especially in cases where the image quality of legacy CR systems had been found “ready for improvement” Helios could produce impressive results.
RSNA Congress 2011 in Chicago
November / December 2011
RSNA 2011
At the annual RSNA Congress in Chicago SST recorded impressive visitor numbers and serious interest by visitors from all over the world, which were attracted by a very appealing product portfolio in general as well as our new innovative booth architecture. Immense interest was shown especially by visitors from Latin America, who were attended to by our native speaking booth personal from our branch in Lima Peru.

As a result of the RSNA 2011, a serious amount of business – especially in Latin America – could be closed.
Medica 2011
November 2011
Medica 2011
Medica 2011 has been a great success this year. In cooperation with our partner ARCOM we were showing our DR-product range. Even though MEDICA is a general medical show with visitors form all kinds of medical disciplines, the number of x-ray oriented leads generated at the show was remarkable.

100th installation of our DIMEX Gateways
October 2011
DIMEX Gateways
During the rollout of the „Breast Test Wales“ project DIMEX R number 100 has been installed to allow for seamless workflow in Mammography screening.

DIMEX is a flexible robust and reliably tool for interface projects and can be implemented on a project specific basis to provide the „problem fixing“ needed in a variety of scenarios.
TECHNO-Salud, Lima, Peru
September 2011
The SST SAC booth at the TECHNO-Salud has been received with large interest. As the only provider of DR-solutions on the show we managed to convince visitors from all over Latin America of our trend-setting innovative products.

Schaef Systemtechnik SAC in Lima (Peru)
August 2011
With the official registration of Schaef Systemtechnik SAC in Lima (Peru) in August 2011 the SST Group now has a permanent post in Latin America. This is another important step on the way to developing markets in South America and the Caribbean. Customers around the world will benefit from the new office as this remote maintenance center in the American time zone can help to further reduce reaction times for remote maintenance globally.
First Installation in the Caribbean
March 2011
With the first installation of a DR-system on Grenada SST has started operation in the Caribbean theatre.

The customer is happy about the seamless workflow and the extraordinary image quality of the system. SST service partners are looking forward to more installations in the area soon.

The SST marketing team is preparing a marketing cruise in the Caribbean as a road show turns out to be difficult (due to the lack of roads).
Roadshow South America
February 2011
south-america 2011
In February 2011, SST went off on a road show through Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. The objective of this event was the presentation of the SST product series to dealers and customers. In this roadshow our products have proven to be resoundingly successful.
Roadshow France
January 2011
Frankreich 2011

With the beginning of the New Year, the SST-truck went on a roadshow to France to show our innovative products to dealers and end-customers on site. The main focus of the roadshow was the integration of our product VARIO x-ray with various x-ray machines. Doctors as well as dealers were enthusiastic about the extraordinary image quality and the flexibility of our system.

RSNA 2010 in Chicago - SST Group Enters New Markets
Nov. 28th - Dec. 02nd, 2010
RSNA 2010
Together with partner companies, SST presented their new VARIO-PACS product line at the world’s biggest radiological event in 2010. We are happy with the over all positive response and the great demand and many new contacts - especially from the North, Central and South American Markets, as well as from Asia and Asia-Pacific.
Roadshow Australia
October 2010
australien 2010

In October 2010, SST went on a roadshow through Western Australia. The particular objective of this mission was the refurbishment of existing competitors’ X-ray installations in the Australian human and veterinary markets.
In this process the SST products have proven to be very successful due to the extraordinarily good image quality, their flexible architecture and their easy and intuitive usability.

The Australian market has become an important location for the SST group especially regarding our carbon-neutral product range.
ASTRO-Show San Diego
October 2010
astro 2010
The SST Group successfully participated in the 52nd annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology at the Convention Center in San Diego. Our PACS archive VarioSTORE, the Viewer VarioIMAGE and above all the DIMEX Product line not only impressed merchants from the USA and Canada but also Central and South America.
Presentation in the Caribbean
Wednesday, 06/09/2010
Shortly after the successful presentation of our DR-Factory A4343 C Panel the first hospital is going to be upgraded with our radiography system.

The doctors and employees of the radiological department were enthusiastic about the extraordinary high image quality.
ECR 2010 Review
Wednesday, 03/10/2010
The initial autonomous trade-fair appearance at the ECR was accepted with wide interest.

According to expectations our DR-Factory A4343C Flatpanel attracted wide interest among the visitors. Also leading OEM distributors seriously consider to integrate the DR-Factory A4343C Flatpanel into their products.

But also the product DIMEX was a topic of conversation on our booth. The uncommon, flexible and versatile Gateways are unique in the mammography sector.
Mammography Screening in Slovenia
Friday, 02/26/2010
Schaef Systemtechnik equips Siemens' first mammography screening shuttle buses with DIMEX Gateways in Slovenia.
NAVC - North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando
January 2010
Navc 2010

Along with our proven range of VARIO-PACS products, in Orlando the SST group presented their Olive-Tree-Concept to the American veterinary market for the first time. Our “carbon-neutral Med-IT solutions” triggered great excitement.

DR-System at the price of a CR-System!
Friday, 02/05/2010
Have a look at the latest images of our new DRF-A4343C Flatpanel Detector. High-quality at low dosage. All-In-One Solution with all required DICOM interfaces (DICOM Send, DICOM Print, DICOM Worklist) NO HIDDEN COSTS. Do not hesitate to demand a request for quotation.

Download images in the format DICOM
Download DICOM Viewer Software VARIOIMAGE