Our products

Picture Archiving and Communication System

The centerpiece of the SST PACS is the varioSTORAGE archive server. varioSTORAGE is equipped with a very enormous functionality. Due to the medical workflow only the medical required modules are activated.

A basic system is equipped with the following features:

  • DICOM store (SCU and SCP)
  • DICOM modality worklist
  • Offline backup on DVD (also on CD)

Additional features:

  • Paper print (print gateway DICOM print --> Windows print)
  • MediWEB (picture distribution on basis of HTML)
  • Digital dictate
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Import interface for worklists

The following import-modules are available:

  • Frame grabber
  • X-RAY FILM digitizer
  • Camera interface
  • Import interface for standard graphic formats
  • CR accessibility
  • Reading module for medical disks

Please take a look at the presentations and find out how our products work:

Radiology Information System

The SST-RIS Modules form a group round the SST-Archive-Database.
This construnction enables a seamless integration of the PACS-Functions with the corresponding RIS-Functions.

  • Schedule
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Reporting
  • RIS Broker
  • Digital dictate
  • X-RAY FILM administration
  • Request Scanner

For image representation, findings and the generation of image distribution varioIMAGE is deployed.

Range of varioREPORT functions:

  • Image representation - locally and also on the PACS Server
  • Image preview on studies and series
  • Comparison of images/series/studies
  • Sort images, DICOM modality worklist, report state as you want
  • Sectional image mode, single and double screen working in potrait or landscape mode
  • Supports an additional screen - e. g. to display MCS applications
  • Configuration of lookup filter modality specified
  • Smoothing, zoom, smart zoom, loupe, annotation, clip feature, capture feature
  • Edge enhancement filter, window-level, measuring feature
  • DICOM print, paper print, medical disc including CD labeling and Mini Viewer

To distribute images you can select:

  • X-RAY FILM (DICOM Print from the varioIMAGE)
  • CD in the form of a medical disk
  • INTRANET, either with MediWEB or MediExport
  • Hardcopy via Paper Print