DR CR Solutions

Our DR and CR solutions are all perfect for use in both human and veterinary medicine.
Ease of use is just as important to us as a clear and quick overview of all functionalities.
That is why we focus on a simple design, but this results in high efficiency when it comes to performance and speed.

DR-Factory flat panel detectors

The DR flat panel system from DR-Factory GmbH bridges the gap between analog and digital radiography with the best image results.
Our product can be easily integrated into existing systems and achieves the highest image quality despite a low dose.
The DR-Factory flat panel system delivers a DICOM image of the highest quality to the screen after just 4 seconds. Thanks to modern gigabit network technology, every image can be distributed to any computer in the network in seconds.

Excellent MTF and DQE values allow the best image quality with minimal dose.

With the integrated docking station, our detectors can be connected to any generator. Connection to HIS/RIS and PACS systems is also no problem thanks to DICOM 3.0 compatibility. Whether HL7, GDT, BDT or other proprietary interfaces – the DR-Factory detectors are extremely flexible in their connection options.

The 43×43 cm image area offers plenty of space and flexibility for a variety of organ images.

The SensoPOINT technology of the DR-Factory detectors provides you with detailed, high-resolution diagnostic X-ray images.

DR Lösung Panel

Panel manufacturer specifications


Acquisition software ACC

The acquisition software ACC is used as part of our DR solutions.

Range of functions ACC:

  • Patient call via worklist/manual input of patient information (human or veterinary)
  • Supports a variety of panels (DR-Factory, Iray, Varian etc..)
  • Interfaces to all important generators
  • Fully automatic DAP meter interface
  • SensoPOINT image optimization
  • Automatic dose documentation
  • Body part matching (body parts are transferred via worklist and loaded with a mouse click)
  • Emergency mode
  • Supported constancy test according to DIN 6868-150
  • Automatic organ filter (organ filters can be flexibly specified for each examination)

CR Systems

We offer CR systems both as new and used equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Fuji
  • Canon
  • Phillips
  • Konica
  • others possible on request

We will be happy to advise you by telephone.

Either by calling our service hotline on 09872 / 2002, or by contacting Mr. Schäf directly on 0172 / 841 5955

Fuji FCR XG 1 image plate system

The smallest FUJIFILM imaging plate system with a throughput of up to 90 cassettes per hour.

Compact Fuji FCR XG1, creates images of outstanding quality.

Digital image processing produces images with a high dynamic range combined with high resolution and consistent high quality.

Using the control panel, it is possible to print all other relevant data on film or transfer it to networks in addition to the patient data.

Like all other image readers, the Fuji FCR XG 1 can be integrated into archive systems.

The image reader and the integrated control panel form an extremely compact system for reading image plates and processing the resulting image data.

The advanced digital image processing provides easy-to-find images in high diagnostic quality.

All cassette formats are read out at 10 pixels/mm as standard.


Height 106cm, width 52cm, length 55 cm, weight 155kg

CR Lösung XG1

POLLUX (VET Solution)

The complete X-ray system for small animals

DR CR Lösungen Vettisch
  • good price/performance ratio
  • consisting of X-ray table, X-ray generator VET & combination workstation
  • X-ray table with floating table top (approx. 160cm x 75cm – optional 200cm x 75cm)
  • Mechanical brake
  • incl. holder for X-ray generator
  • Slot for DR panel or CR cassette

The components are also available separately!