MRI Transports

MRI Transports

We transport your MRI magnets under power without helium loss!

As part of our developments, we have succeeded in creating a complete operating environment for MRI magnets on a truck trailer.

You have access to the trailer’s remote maintenance access and can observe your magnet during the entire journey (cameras for monitoring), keep an eye on all temperatures and contact the driver if you have any questions so that you can intervene in an emergency.

We load your magnet, connect it to power, cooling and remote maintenance network and transport the device for you.

A generously dimensioned diesel generator provides a reliable and stable power supply for the magnet’s He circuit as well as the cooling system and all other necessary power consumers.

During waiting times (e.g. at the weekend), the system can be connected to the “normal” power grid and thus supplied with energy.

Calculation example:

An MRT solenoid loses 2 – 3 % of its helium per day if the cold head on the system is not in operation.

For a 1500 l magnet, this is between 30 and 45 l per day.
At a He price of currently 45 €, the helium loss per day costs between 1350 and 2025 €
With an average transport, the device is on the road for 3 days. The He bill is therefore between 4050 and 6075 €. If the transport takes place over a weekend, the truck has to stand for 45 hours and the whole thing loses a further €2700 to €4050 in helium.

With our new transportation method, these costs can be practically avoided.

The additional costs for transportation “under power” amount to €500 per day. You therefore save between € 850 and € 1525 per day of transportation.

In this case, you save between 4250 and 7625 €. The costs for the actual transport do not change, as the transport vehicle is basically a standard truck with a special trailer. The trailer has enough space to accommodate and transport the entire system (magnet, couch, control cabinets, control consoles, etc.).

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