DICOM Gateways

DICOM Bridge

The software application for connecting DICOM networks

DICOM Bridge

The DICOM Bridge is used whenever, for example, you have to manage medical practices with several locations or regularly transfer DICOM images to the same referrer. With the help of the bridge, several DICOM networks can be easily and, above all, securely connected to each other. The data is fragmented and then encrypted so that security gaps are eliminated before transmission. After successful transmission, the individual pieces are decrypted again and then merged into the original file. These processes can also take place simultaneously, so that mirroring the data at different locations is no longer a problem!

Overview of advantages

  • Connects DICOM networks via the Internet or similar media
  • DICOM protocol on each side of the bridge
  • Fast transfer (use of the entire available bandwidth)
  • Secure: Strong encryption algorithms
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Auto resume in the event of an interrupted WAN connection: Only what has not yet been transmitted is transmitted. Repetitions are largely avoided
  • High reliability and fail-safety thanks to redundant architecture
  • No adaptation of other interfaces required
  • Multilayer architecture: Different transmission modes can be operated simultaneously

DICOM Bridge is a combination of software and service and does not rely on other providers (cloud server, VPN, provider, etc.).

This means for you:

  • just one contact for all questions
  • maximum security
  • no further costs apart from the SST service contract
  • long-term investment security
  • no costs for long-term storage


  • Strong encryption algorithms for a high level of security for your data
  • Secure procedure for routine data transmission
  • High reliability and fail-safety thanks to redundant architecture
  • Continuous checking of data transmission for completeness

DIMEX Solutions


Do you want to feed patient-related data from one network to another quickly, easily and securely? Then you are looking for a DIMEX solution!

DIMEX is a gateway solution that is used whenever you need to bridge offline or online distances.

For example, you are in charge of a mobile mammography, but the appointments are centralized, e.g. in a hospital. With DIMEX Hybrid, the appointments (via GDT, HL7, etc.) can be saved from the hospital’s DICOM network to a USB stick or CD in encrypted form at the touch of a button.

These files are then read into the mobile mammography unit at the touch of a button, the corresponding images are taken and these are then transported back to the hospital in the same way.

Overview of functionalities

  • Workflow Management Gateway
  • Worklist Management Gateway
  • HL7 Interface
  • GDT Interface
  • Automated QA Workstation
  • DICOM Interface
  • Offline Storage / Encryption Engine
  • Remote Worklist Interface
  • Telerad Interface
  • Dose indicator Gateway

DIMEX solutions can be implemented on a project-specific basis. This means that we can customize DIMEX applications according to your customer or project requirements. This means you can install DIMEX even before you know exactly which files you want to transfer!