PACS Solutions


PACS – Long-term storage, X-ray orders, image forwarding, cloud storage, client-side or web-based image display, DICOM-GDT-HL7 interfaces… With VARIOSTORAGE, you get PACS software that is precisely tailored to your needs. Thanks to the intelligent module system, all functions can be activated and deactivated in a matter of seconds (detailed list of all modules below). That’s why it makes no difference to us whether you are looking for a solution for an entire hospital or for your small animal practice. We will work with you to find the best possible optimization of your practice workflow, because VARIOSTORAGE offers all interfaces for communication with your practice management software (RIS, HIS), so that your workflows can be designed efficiently and without delay. And not only your practice management software, but also all other DICOM-capable modalities, such as digital X-ray, CT, sonography or MRI, can be easily connected to VARIOSTORAGE.


Data security, in accordance with the Medical Devices Act, is our top priority in all matters, so we offer encryption of stored data in addition to standard mirroring. You can also choose from various options for backup strategies.

Don’t want to take care of regular backups yourself? No problem, thanks to our cloud storage, using encrypted DICOM bridge, this happens exclusively in the background for you. And the best thing about it: if your archive server fails on site, we can bring the cloud server (which is identical to the one in your practice) to you immediately. The downtime for you is minimized without the need for complex reconstruction procedures.

Paired with our image acquisition software ACC and image viewing in the DICOM Viewer varioReport, VARIOSTORAGE complements each other to form a fully digital and future-oriented complete package for your needs.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Image viewing via client-side software (e.g. varioReport) or web-based in your browser
  • Storage in the DICOM standard in various encodings (e.g. JPG2000 – for more storage space while maintaining the same image quality)
  • Interfaces to all common practice management software (via GDT/BDT interface)
  • Forwarding of all images to the cloud backup (if desired)
  • Backup to DVD/external hard disk possible using software components
  • Automatic image forwarding to various clients (forwarding based on CallingAETs)
  • X-ray orders via GDT interface incl. upstream software for body part selection

Other functions:

  • Paper Print (Print Gateway DICOM Print –> Windows Print)
  • Digital dictation
  • Report of findings
  • Scheduling
  • Import interface for worklist

varioReport (Image viewing)

Range of functions of varioReport:

  • Med CE certified (approved for the diagnosis of projection radiography)
  • Image management – both locally and on the PACS server
  • Image preview of the images on a study and series basis
  • Comparison of images/series/studies
  • Free arrangement of images, DICOM modality worklist, display of findings status
  • Split screen mode, single and dual screen operation in portrait or landscape mode
  • Additional screen is supported, e.g. for displaying MCS applications
  • Lookup filter configurable for each modality
  • Smoothing, zoom, smart zoom, magnifying glass, annotation, clip function, capture function
  • Edge enhancement filter, window level, measurement functions
  • DICOM Print, Paper Print, Medical Disc incl. printing on CDs and Mini Viewer